Check  the list below to see who you know that coming to the 2018 reunion.  We want to see your name on this list, so head on over to the RSVP Page and RSVP so that your name is added to this list.

We can't wait to see you in August!!
Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Mary Miller Thomas L
Lamont Ayers-Henry
Nyree Franklin
Theresa Harrell-Bacchetta
LaCheryl White
Charlene Hicks
Camden-Lei Stine
Conner-Lium Stine
Devin Stine
Wilma Tucker
Brenda A. Williams
Litha L Tucker
Litha L. Tucker
Emily Opher
Tammy Armstrong
Cheryl Adams
Harvey Lee Sr
Cynthia Gilliam
Jordan Davis
Tammie Tilson
Tracee Jordan
Saini Roberts
Samiyyah Roberts
Alonzo Stewart
Mary Thomas_Miller
Omar Jordan
Garey Jordan
Harvey Lee
Meka Lee
Joseph Jordan JR.
Desiree Henry
Anthony Armstrong
Theresa Carter
Litha Tucker
Kenneth Gilliam
Kizzy Saunders
Damon Henry
Lamont Henry
Shalimar Mercer
Kimberly Mercer
Louis N. Williams
Sabrina Mann
George Witcher
Benita Henry
Jeremiah Jordan
Garey Jordan III
Garey Jordan Jr.
Marchelle Opher
Sandra Opher
Gerald Opher Sr
Lonnie Stewart
Bernice Mercer
Addrienne Mercer
Ebens Scriven
Kenneth Scriven
Clarence Scriven
Nicole Henry
Renee Witcher
Antoine Stewart
Karen Armstrong-Adams
DeLyn Scott
Evelyn Jordan
Harvey Lee Sr
Conchetta Jordan
Ernest Stith
Carol Opher
Tammise Hastings-Stine
Marshall Opher
Sean Stewart
Total 55 33